Hero Awards

The Hero Award is given by American Fork City to members of the community who demonstrate outstanding determination, selfless service and heroic efforts.


Flood Prevention Team

This year American Fork City, as with many communities in Utah, felt the threat of flooding due to excessive snow melt. With a major river running through town, we knew a flood could be disastrous for our residents and businesses. Which is why we are so grateful for the hard work of our flood prevention team who kept our community safe and our river secure.

The City’s flood prevention team was comprised mainly of our Sewer and Storm Drain department and the American Fork Irrigation Company employees, with significant support from other public works departments and public safety.  

Our flood prevention team started as early as February by clearing the river channel of loose debris, branches, and dead trees. They also repaired and stabilized eroding walls, and removed obstacles like couches, mattresses and other garbage deposited in the river.

Once the river was cleared, they began identifying areas of concern and staged supplies at those locations to be ready in a moment's notice. The prevention team were proactive in obtaining additional resources and equipment to ensure proper protection throughout the city. The team also worked with local community volunteer groups to fill over 5,000 sandbags that could be deployed as needed. 

Once all this proactive prevention was in place, our team then began the burdensome task of watching the river. They took shifts working around the clock clearing out debris and logs from the debris basin, diverting flows at the weir and cleaning out grates to avoid blockages and overflows. The team monitored cameras and inspected several locations throughout the night, sometimes allowing the people on-call only a few hours of sleep at a time. Their dedication allowed our City streets to remain open when others would have preemptively closed them to make the job easier. 

Thanks to a skilled team with the foresight to plan well and react appropriately, American Fork City was prepared for everything mother nature could throw at us. 

For this reason, we want to honor the American Fork Flood Prevention Team by giving them this Hero Award and declaring June 27, 2023, Flood Prevention Team Day in American Fork City.