Storm Drain Rate Updates

Effective January 1, 2022 the City’s storm drain utility rate increased by $2.50 per month for single-unit residential units. Rate adjustments also occured for commercial and multi-family units. This cost increase is largely due to system and infrastructure improvements and increased operations and maintenance the City must undertake over the next ten years to stay compliant with recently mandated state and federal water pollution control requirements for all municipal storm water systems. You can read more about these requirements, as well as learn about the City’s storm water system, by reading the City’s recently adopted Storm Water Management Program.

The City’s storm water system is the piped and un-piped channels by which water runoff is carried from homes, businesses, and streets out of the City. In addition to helping prevent flooding in the City, recent state and federal mandates also ask that the City’s storm water system help reduce contaminants that may pollute larger water sources they feed into. In the past, contaminants in a storm water runoff were more readily filtered through neighboring vegetation. But as farmland and fields are being replaced by concrete and development, more effort must be taken to mitigate both the volume and contaminants of storm water.

American Fork City has not raised its storm water rates in over 10 years. Because of this, American Fork residents have enjoyed historically low rates compared to other communities. However, with the recent state and federal mandates, the City must adjust rates accordingly. The storm water rate increase effective January 2022 will be one of two increases over the next four years in order to sufficiently fund the needed infrastructure. See table below for all rate changes. City Council will review the storm water plan and related costs in 2025 to see if further rate changes are necessary. 

American Fork City bills in arrears, meaning the bill you get is for the prior month of service.

Recommended Final Rates


Single Unit Residential

Base Monthly Charge per Unit


Multi-Unit Residential

Base Monthly Charge per Unit


Area Charge per 1,000 Impervious sq.ft



Base Monthly Charge (per 3,400 Impervious sq.ft.)


Area Charge per 1,000 Impervious sq. ft.