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Do you have broken sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in front of your property? American Fork City is offering a 50/50 Concrete Replacement Program which offers residents an immediate budget friendly way to repair or replace broken sidewalks and/or curb and gutter located in adjacent to their residential property.


Sidewalks, curb and gutter may be eligible for 50/50 cost share with the city in certain instances. Standard City sidewalks located within the city right-of-way, and the concrete must show specific types of deterioration noted below. Replacements must address all sidewalk concerns along the homeowner’s property as determined by the City. Addressing portions of sidewalks issues with different participation agreements is not allowed.   

Curb and gutter may be eligible for 50/50 cost share in addition to the sidewalk in certain instances when adjoining infrastructure conditions allow as determined by the City. 

Sidewalk Criteria:

  • 3 or more cracks per panel
  • 25% spalling or breaking into chips
  • Vertical or horizontal displacement of ½ inch or more
  • Holes that have become a safety hazard

Curb and Gutter Criteria:

  • Heaves
  • Displacement
  • Spalls or depressions which cause water to pond and in winter forms ice pockets

Not Eligible

Driveways, driveway aprons and house walks (concrete walkways between the home and the street) - these are the homeowner's responsibility. Commercial properties are also not eligible to participate in the 50 / 50 Program.  

Sidewalk or curb and gutter replacement that requires additional resources beyond the replacement itself does not qualify for the 50 /50 replacement program. Common examples of this are when a tree must be removed in order to replace the sidewalk, when road frontage must be extended to reach curb, gutter, or sidewalk, or when a sidewalk height must be adjusted to match a road or yard elevation. These things must be remediated before the concrete would be eligible for this program. 


Participation Process

    1. Homeowner must submit a request form to American Fork Public Works Department. Request form may be found on the American Fork City’s website.
    2. An American Fork City Streets Department representative will conduct a site visit to determine eligibility.
    3. Once the site has been determined eligible the homeowner will negotiate a contracted cost with a licensed contractor in the State of Utah. The homeowner may choose to use the City’s licensed contractor or one of their choice. However, reimbursement costs shall not exceed the rates established with the City’s procured concrete contractor. 
      • Reimbursement costs shall not exceed the City’s pre-approved amount regardless if final construction costs exceed that value. 
      • Reimbursement will not exceed 50% of the final construction costs should the costs be lower than the City’s pre-approved amount. 
    4. The homeowner will enter a signed agreement with American Fork City for the 50/50 Program for the reimbursement amount negotiated between the homeowner and sidewalk contractor.   
    5. The homeowner then hires a licensed contractor to perform the work. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any concrete work done before eligibility has been established will NOT be covered by the 50/50 program.
    6. The homeowner’s contractor shall obtain a right-of-way permit to pour concrete within American Fork City right-of-way. Fees for this permit will be waived if done as part of the 50/50 concrete replacement program. If a permit is not obtained prior to starting construction, the reimbursement will be forfeited.
    7. The homeowner should begin construction no later than 30 days from the date on the City’s signed agreement. All construction must be completed, final inspection approved and reimbursement request submitted to the City within 60 days of date on the signed agreement.  Note: the City may take up to 72 hours to respond an inspection request. 
    8. Once the work is complete, contact American Fork City Streets (801-763-3060) for a final inspection. Reimbursement will not be given until a final inspection occurs and complies with City standards.
    9. Homeowner will pay the contractor in full. 


  • Once the contractor has been paid, the homeowner shall submit to the City the following
    • City agreement
    • Work invoice
    • Permit
    • Proof of payment (a copy showing both the front and back of the bank - endorsed check is best)

Reimbursement requests may be mailed to the following address:

  • American Fork City Public Works 
  • RE: 50/50 Concrete Replacement Program 
  • 275 E 200 N 
  • American Fork, UT 84003
  • Once payment is verified, a reimbursement check will be mailed to the applicant up to 50% of the amount stated in the agreement between the homeowner and the City. 


This program is conditional on funding. Reimbursement will occur on a first-come-first-serve basis for sidewalks that are determined eligible until the budget is exhausted every fiscal year. The City’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. Projects that are eligible, but are not approved due to lack of funding, will maintain their queue in line for the next year’s funding. However, the homeowner will be required to sign an updated agreement. 

American Fork City determines the reimbursement amount using a procured rate provided by the City’s approved concrete work contractor. Rates vary year to year and can be obtained from American Fork City Streets (801-763-3060). 

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