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Our Purpose

The urban forest consists of all public and private trees within city limits. Established in 2022, our division’s purpose is to monitor, maintain, and envision American Fork’s forest health. 


We utilize a tree inventory and tree assessments to monitor American Fork's public trees. A tree inventory tracks individual species, their locations, and their maintenance history. Assessments are health checkups for a tree; they allow us to track their growth, trending health, and how site changes affect both.


Utilizing data from monitoring, maintenance efforts will be coordinated by the Urban Forester to mitigate hazardous trees, improve species diversity, and moderate canopy loss. For private trees, we strive to provide clear and easily accessible resources to encourage residents to learn about trees and their proper care practices according to Tree Care Industry standards. 


We must know where we are and what we are doing, to see where we are going. We are actively creating an Urban Forest Management Plan to guide our efforts so American Fork can create a beautiful environment for our residents and guests. Our present vision is one of diversity, as diversity is key to sustain a forest's health.

To read the city code regarding parkstrip and tree care click here: [Sec. 12.16].

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