Cemetery Policies


All headstones placed within the mowing strip must be flat.


For a single space lot, the headstone can be up to 4 feet in length. For a double space, the headstone can be up to 7 feet in length.

Each headstone must have a minimum 5-inch cement border; however, where possible, we recommend a larger border to facilitate decorations during the summer months.


The headstone can be either an upright or a flat headstone; the maximum height is 36 inches.


You may choose the shape of the headstone, as long as it fits in your space.


Summer (April 1st - November 30th)

All decorations must be placed directly on the headstone or concrete border. No shepherd hooks or any other decorations are allowed in the grass around the headstone during these months.

Winter (December 1st - March 31st)

All types of decorations are acceptable during these months as long as they are not damaging the cemetery grounds or obtrusive to neighboring plots.

Special Christmas Decorations

The American Fork Cemetery allows almost any type of decoration during the Christmas season. All Christmas decorations need to be removed during the 1st week of March, weather permitting.

Due to the powerful turf equipment that is used for mowing and trimming on the cemetery grounds, wires and glass containers will not be allowed. Any decorations that have wire or glass containers will be removed immediately and discarded.

Decoration Removal

Memorial Day

All decorations will be removed the Monday following Memorial Day.


All decorations will be removed during the 1st week of April, weather permitting.

Other holidays

All decorations will be removed 2 weeks after the holiday, weather permitting.

*All funeral flowers will be cleaned up 1 week following the services.
*At the discretion of the cemetery staff, all old and unsightly decorations will be removed.