Friends of the Library

Beliefs & Mission Statement

The Friends of the American Fork Library believes that public libraries are fundamental to a free society where all have opportunities to pursue knowledge, self-improvement, and economic prosperity.

The Friends of the Library promotes and supports literacy programs, information access technology, collection development, business and community partnerships, and volunteer efforts to further the library's fundamental role in the community.

Core Activities

To carry out the mission statement, the Friends of the Library will pursue the following core activities:

  • Literacy and Reading: Plan and administer programs to develop literacy in children and adults
  • Technology Acquisition: Raise funds or in-kind donations for information technology
  • Fund-Raising and Membership: Coordinate all fund-raising activities and oversee major fund-raising recruitment efforts
  • Collection Development: Develop and administer programs for enhancing the library's print, art and historical collections
  • Business and Community Partnerships: Develop support and partnerships among businesses and community organizations for funding, in-kind donations, and business-oriented library services
  • Library Volunteers: Recruit and train library volunteers and coordinate their efforts