Water Division

American Fork's culinary water system is designed for indoor water uses. Visit our Utility page to see rates and billing information. The City has a separate system for outdoor pressurized irrigation

Water Quality Assurance

American Fork has strict safety processes to ensure our water is clean and our residents are safe.

American Fork City's water system draws water from two different sources: springs originating in American Fork Canyon and deep wells from the aquifer. Both sources are tested regularly to ensure the water is compliant with all state and federal requirements, including lead and copper levels. Fluoride is not added to the city's water supply.

The city has a number of safeguards, both automated and manual, that will detect any issues with the water before the water even enters the city’s system. These safeguards are intentionally redundant to ensure the water is clean and safe.

Chlorine is added to the water in the spring line in small, controlled amounts as is required to ensure clean water. While the Department of Water Quality only requires the city to test for lead and copper once every three years, it is tested annually.

While the water is clean, the city's system is old in some areas; specifically some of the water lines. The result is localized breaks at times that may cause water outages. Every year the city allocates significant resources to update water lines and will continue to work towards improvement. Visit the Capital Projects page to see the current water line work being done.

As part of regular water testing, results are sent to a third party for analysis and verification. These results are then published in a document called the Water Quality Report and mailed to every resident in the springtime (See below for links to previous Water Quality Reports).

If an issue ever comes up that affects the health, safety, and wellness of American Fork, residents would be made aware immediately using all means of communication possible, including our AF Notify alert system. In these events the Mayor and City Administrator would be notified immediately, along with the public.

Water: an important natural resource

Water has been a valued commodity as long as man has inhabited the earth. Protecting this resource is top priority for American Fork City and those who work in the Public Works Water Division. Our staff work continually, night or day, to ensure the highest quality water is provided to every tap. We realize that the quality of life that you enjoy is largely due to dependable, clean drinking water.

American Fork City operates five deep source wells that have the ability to pump an average of 13,300 gallons of water per minute. This water, along with water collected from a spring in American Fork Canyon, is piped into tanks near the mouth of American Fork Canyon and Cedar Hills. Once collected, the water is gravity fed into the vast distribution system and delivered to homes and businesses.  

Read more about water conservation efforts in American Fork City here

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