River Channel Maintenance

The American Fork River flows through our city and into Utah Lake. During the spring run-off, from April through the 1st of June, the river volume is at its peak. In those years of high snow pack it is not uncommon to have some flooding along the river channel. However, during these years the river flow is monitored carefully and every effort is made to minimize the potential for flooding.

Property owners along the American Fork River channel who have experienced flooding in past years or whose property is lower in elevation, should take measures to bring in stable soils to reinforce or build up the river bank of their property. American Fork City is not responsible for providing flood protection to personal property. A limited number of sandbags are available to city residents for flood prevention through American Fork Public Works.


The dumping of debris or refuse into the river channel is strictly prohibited. Please report any illegal dumping to the Police Department by calling 801-763-3020 immediately.

Irrigation Ditches

Irrigation ditches are not owned and maintained by American Fork City. If you have questions concerning irrigation ditches, irrigation water, or the maintenance of irrigation ditches, please contact the American Fork Irrigation Company.