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Pressurized Irrigation Meter Letter

Pressurized Irrigation Meter Ordinance

Water Reservoirs

Water from the pressurized irrigation reservoirs, which feed the pressurized irrigation or secondary water system, is a blend of surface water from a variety of sources. It is screened but not treated in any way and as such is not suitable as drinking water. Residents should take the same precautions with this water as they would with any irrigation water that may contain bacteria regularly found in rivers and streams. Do not allow children to play in the water. In most cases, the hose bib attached to a resident’s home is connected to the culinary system of the home. It is recommended that “kiddie pools” be filled utilizing culinary water.

Filtering Water

Pressurized irrigation water will be filtered to 300 microns and homeowners are encouraged to check their individual irrigation systems and filter the water as recommended by their individual system. A 500 micron filter is recommended for the protection of sprinkler heads.

New Filter Station for Upper Reservoir Proposed

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