Street Sweeping

American Fork City Street Department currently has 1 street sweeping machine and monitors areas of town sweeping as needed. We do not follow a specific sweeping schedule, but are typically able to sweep all streets within the city at least twice per year. If you find a location in need of street sweeping you may make a service request on the Report a Concern portal. Please include the street name, address and cross street with your sweeping request.

Building & Landscaping Projects

Please note that American Fork City does not clean up after building contractors. It is also unlawful for any person to obstruct or contribute to the obstruction of the flow of storm water runoff or non-storm runoff into any sump, retention basin, storm drain, curb and gutter, drain inlet, or other associated structural device that conveys storm water and/or non-storm water runoff (see Resolution No. 04-04-16R). If streets need to be cleaned due to building or landscaping projects, please contact the Public Works office by email or phone at 801-763-3060.

Although we do not at this time have a policy in place restricting parking on public streets, we would ask all residents to refrain from parking within the street right-of-way when possible, so that street sweeping may more effectively be facilitated.