Planning Department

The American Fork Planning Department oversees the future physical development of the City by coordinating efforts with residents, City departments, and potential developers to result in a sustained community that is both desirable as a living environment for its citizens and economically viable.

Temporary Land Use Ordinance (Moratorium)

On May 5, 2020, the city council has approved a temporary land use ordinance regulating development south of I-15, also know as a moratorium. Search the links below to read the ordinance, as well as see the list and map of projects that may be affected by the moratorium.  

Ordinance 2020-05-20 (latest ordinance)

Moratorium Map (PDF, takes a while to load)

Project List

Zoning/Land Use Maps and General Plan

Get Involved

The Planning Department relies on residents to contribute their input and opinions on proposed development projects. Residents can get involved by attending Public Hearings and Planning Commission Meetings to provide their own feedback on proposed community changes.