Current Projects

The Beautification and Shade Tree Committee has various projects that are ongoing. However, because of the current economic conditions many of the projects are on hold for the present time. Below is a list of projects and endeavors currently before the committee.

Preservation of the Community
Extensive discussion has been given to develop ways to protect and preserve the hundreds of trees throughout the city, especially in the newly constructed parks. The committee is very concerned about the appearance of the city. We are trying to develop ways (in conjunction with the Nuisance Abatement Committee) to educate the public as well as getting them involved in cleaning up the city.

We currently give out 4 "Yard-of-the-Month" awards during the months of May - September. We are trying to construct some large monument signs that say "Welcome to American Fork". But securing the easements and funds to do so are proving to be a unique challenge. We could use some help.

We are constantly looking for places to plant groves of trees. We are currently centering our efforts on the newly constructed parks throughout the city. The members of this committee have discussed in detail options that would allow us to construct flower boxes along both sides of downtown Main Street. Ideas are welcome.

Arbor Day
We conduct a yearly Arbor Day presentation which includes the planting of some trees in a city park.