Capital Projects

A capital project helps maintain or improve a City asset.  It can be new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement of an existing asset. The map below shows the location of each current project. Scroll down to read about each project in more detail. Updates will be added regularly.

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2023 Capital Projects

Fire Station 52

960 E 1750 N
  • Work on the construction of a new Fire Station on the north side of the city. 
  • Groundbreaking was September 7, 2022. Construction is expected to last until September 2023.
  • Framing started January 2023. Structural work will continue through the spring.
  • Details about Station 52 are found here.
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Community Development Block Grant - Phase 9

Orchard Avenue from 200 S to 400 S and 400 E from 200 S to 400 S
  • Work includes water line installation, road rehabilitation, fire hydrant replacement, removal and replacement of sidewalk, curb and gutter, intersection corners and drive approaches as well as improvements to existing storm drain facilities.
  • KW Robinson Construction (435-738-0200) is contracted for the project.
  • Work on 400 East and 400 South will began in February and will continue, weather permitting, thru Spring 2023. The construction operations will affect on-street parking and non-local vehicle access to this street. Please avoid on-street parking during work hours: M-F 7am-6pm. See Notice of Construction sent to residents here
  • Water shutdown from 9am - 5pm on June 1, 2023. 
  • Construction on Orchard Avenue of the waterline, service laterals and water meters is completed. Road reconstruction will continue once the water line work on 400 S and 400 E is done.

CDBG Phase 9 - 400 E and 400 S

CDBG block 9 400 S work

Pressurized Irrigation Meter Installation Phase 2

South 2/3 of the City
  • Work will include installing meters on city PI connections for the south 2/3 of the city.
  • American Fork City has obtained a grant to finish the remainder of the PI meter installations throughout the city including the AMI infrastructure. Project dates will be announced when plans are finalized.
  • The full details of the PI meter installations can be found here

200 South Road Rehabilitation

200 South from Mill Pond Road to 300 W
  • The 200 S project will reconstruct the roadway between Mill Pond Rd and I-15. Portions of 200 S by the Front Runner station will also be widened to include two travel lanes in each direction. At key intersections, turn lanes will also be installed. A new roundabout will be installed at the intersection of 200 S and the Frontage Rd. A multi-use trail for pedestrians and bikers extending from Mill Pond Rd to I-15 is included in the design plan as well as sidewalks along Frontage Rd and some trail improvements along 200 S on the east side of I-15 extending to Center Street.
  • CRA funding has been secured. The project is moving forward with final design and right-of-way coordination.
  • In order to move forward while working through the necessary land acquisitions we have split the project into phases. Phase 1 will consist of a roundabout at Frontage Road with improvements all the way to about 570 W. The anticipated completion of Phase 1 will be in 2024. 

200 S road project

200 South aerial showing upcoming roadwork

18" Water Line and Road Rehabilitation Segment 4

200 E, 500 S, 330 E, 620 S
  • Designs are finalized. Construction starts Spring/Summer 2023.
  • Work will include water line replacement, roadway rehabilitation, storm drain and sidewalk improvements.
  • Condie Construction LLC has been contracted for this project.

700 N Connector

700 N connection between 100 E and 200 E
  • Work will include creating a new road to connect 700 N from 100 E to 200 E. This is a MAG funded project.
  • Design is in the final phase. There will be a traffic signal at the intersection of 700 N and 100 E and a roundabout at the intersection of 700 N and  200 E. The road will provide connectivity to residents and increase mobility for nearby arterials like 300 N and help with safety of school travel along 700 N.
  • Powerline pole relocations are being planned. Design of the water line and storm water systems are being created in coordination with UDOT.
  • Construction dates TBA.

700 N Connector

map of the proposed 700 N connector

620 S 600 E Signal

620 S 600 E
  • Installation of a new traffic signal.
  • Design of the signal is nearly complete.
  • Construction dates to be announced.

Art Dye Trail

South side of 700 N from Riverwalk Dr to Caveman Blvd and north from Caveman Blvd past Beehive Ballpark to Art Dye Park
  • Design is in coordination with UDOT as part of a local Agency Project that received federal funding as part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
  • The cost of the project has increased due to inflation. Additional grant funding options are being pursued. 

Pony Express Pioneering Road

600 W 1100 S to Lehi
  • This project is in the final phase of the Pony Express Road from 1900 W Lehi to the alignment of the Vineyard Connector near 600 W in American Fork. A joint project idea application with Lehi city was submitted to MAG in 2021. Concept design was completed and submitted to MAG and staff is continuing to coordinate the design of the project.
  • Corridor preservation funding was approved on January 24, 2022. Site visits were conducted in April 2022.

Other Roadway Projects

UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) and private developers also do construction work that affects American Fork City. Details on UDOT and other roadway projects for 2023 are listed below.

Roadwork projects in American Fork City that are done by UDOT or private developers may affect roadways, but are not Capital Projects. These projects have distinct timelines and scope for the work. Questions about these projects should be directed to the entity in charge. 

  2. Private Development

UDOT Construction Projects

Various locations in American Fork
  • North County Blvd at 1000 N / 900 E - intersection improvements. The intersection will be modified to improve safety with a raised median to restrict left turns onto North County Blvd from 1000 North and from 900 East. Crosswalks will be added to the south side of the intersection of 1100 N. Construction is planned for 2023. See more info at UDOT's project page at:,P2007_PROJECT_TYPE_IND_FLAG:17060 . Read the letter from UDOT for more details on the decision to add a median here.
  • 700 N 100 E traffic signal - construction dates TBA.
  • State Street road widening - UDOT plans to widen US 89 (State Street) to three lanes of traffic in both directions from 500 E in American Fork to 220 South in Pleasant Grove. In addition to widening the road, the project will also add turning lanes at most intersections and buffered bicycle lanes along the corridor. Phase 1 of the project will begin at State St and 500 E intersection in American Fork in late spring/early summer of 2023. Phase 1 includes widening the road from 500 E to 600 E and improving the traffic signal and turning lanes at 500 E. More details at American Fork City will use this opportunity to improve the water main within UDOT project limits.
  • UDOT 2023 - 2024 road improvements - A summary of the projects in American Fork is available at
  • Road resurfacing - SR-145 (Pioneer Crossing), US-89 (State Street), SR-180 (500 E). Repaving and microsurfacing work will be done in the evenings in Spring 2023.

UDOT Utah County Blvd Median Project

Utah County Blvd UDOT construction

UDOT State Street 500 E Intersection Project

UDOT State Street Widening Project

UDOT 100 E Deep Curb Replacement Project

100 E deep curb replacement UDOT

Completed Capital Projects

The following projects have been recently completed. For more information, contact

Pressurized Irrigation Meter Installation Phase 1

North Third of the City
  • 2,997 meters were installed. The contractor is working on service requests in the installation area as weather permits.
  • More project information is found at

36" Water Line Replacement Segment 3

200 E from State St to 200 S and 200 S from 300 W to 200 E
  • Work included installing new culinary water lines and reconnecting existing lines to the new pipes.

Hospital Well

300 E 200 N
  • Work included cleaning, bailing, refurbishing and test pumping of the existing well.