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Special Event
Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Payment Form 
(paid after application is completed)
Organizers of events, such as races, triathlons, craft fairs and the like, will need to fill out an application with the City of American Fork, pay appropriate fees, and provide insurance and other required documents. The application must be filed with the city 30 days before the event, and the applicant cannot advertise the event until the application is approved. In addition to the City permit, some events may require other permits from outside organizations, such as UDOT or the county.

The special events ordinance provides a framework for the city to allow residents and organizations to stage events on public property. The council said this ordinance is needed because it sets rules on how and when event organizers can affect the flow of traffic and other public rights. Residents do not need an application for getting together as groups or families, but if the rights of others are going to be disrupted, the ordinance must be followed.

If you wish to conduct a public event within the city, please complete the Special Event Permit Application and submit it to the city office for approval, after which you may use the Payment Form above to pay the fee.


Refundable; Required
Late Fee
If submitted less than 30 days
Park Crew Services
Based on event
Street Crew Services
Based on event
Street Sweeper
Based on event
Police Officer Services
2 officer min; Based on event
Firefighter Services
2 Firefighter min; Based on event
Ambulance or Brush Truck
Based on event
Fire Engine or Tower
Based on event

Additional Documents

 Below is a list of additional applications, forms, or permits that may be required as part of your event. These will need to be submitted as part of you application. 


Special event applicants shall maintain minimum insurance limits of $3 million ($3,000,000) occurrence and aggregate, Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy, naming the City of American Fork as additional insured, and shall provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing compliant coverage prior to approval of the event. Coverage shall not include exclusions for activities occurring at your event. High risk activities may require additional insurance, but as part of your application you will only be required to attach this basic insurance.

Park Reservation

If your event will be at a city park you will need to reserve the park by calling 801-763-3084, or emailing 
schandler@americanfork.gov. Park reservation fees will apply. 


Route Identification Map

Any event that will require use of roads, trails, or sidewalks, including crossing intersections by large groups of people, will require a route map to be attached to this application. 

Mass Gathering Permit

The Utah County Health Department requires a Temporary Mass Gathering Permit for events with the same 500 or more people for at least 2 hours. For more information call their department at 801-851-7525 or see their website. You can attach this to the City payment form.


UDOT Right of Way

UDOT requires their own special events permit for events that require the use of their roads. UDOT roads in AF include, Main St., State St., Utah County Blvd., 500 E, and 100 E (Alpine Highway). For more information call their department at 801-222-3418 or see their website. You can attach this to the City payment form.


Special Event Sales Tax #

Special events selling any taxable items, such as food or memorabilia, will be required to obtain a temporary sales tax license from the Utah state tax commission. To do this call 801-297-6303 or visit their website.


Utah County Special Event Permit

Yup. Even Utah County has a permit for special events. Any event that will require use of county roads, trails, or sidewalks, including the Murdock Canal Trail will require a special events permit. For more  information see their website or talk to their Public Works Division Manager, Don Nay, at 801-851-8602 or don@utahcounty.gov


(Special Note)

For any outside organizations that require city approval of your event before they will approve, please use your completed city Special Events Permit Application as proper city approval. However, you will need submit to the city the outside organization's approved form before you pay the city for your event (using the Special Event Payment Form). This sounds confusing, we know. So please contact us if you have questions.

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