Neighborhood Preservation


Chapter 8.08 of our City Ordinances provides for the health and safety of community members by setting minimum standards of cleanliness and conduct. 

For example, City Ordinance 8.08.030 prohibits any person in the City from maintaining "a condition that causes visual blight, is offensive to the senses, creates a harborage for rodents or pests, or detrimentally affects property in the surrounding neighborhood or community." 

Other examples of common nuisance violations include abandoned vehicles, a failure to keep weeds in check, and allowing excessive debris to pile up on a property.

The Department takes the enforcement of these nuisance abatement codes seriously. A healthy and beautiful neighborhood is a statement by the property owners that they take pride in their community. 

By paying attention to these details, together we can contribute to neighborhood stability, public health and safety, and promote a feeling of community pride and caring. 

We encourage you to work together with us to keep our City a beautiful and safe place to live! Please click HERE to report a violation of any City nuisance codes.