Development Review Process

If you are interested in developing property, annexing property, changing the zone or land use on property, or want to amend the City Development Code, this is a summary of the process. 

This process allows architects, engineers, building contractors, developers, residents, and City staff to work together to review site plans, projects, and ordinance amendments to identify and discuss any problems or issues through each step of the development process. 

Step 1: Site Plan Review Meeting

The first step in developing is a Site Plan Review Meeting, which is a basic review of your request to see if it meets the state and federal requirements. No formal plans are required for this meeting. Site Plan Review Meetings are scheduled on Mondays between 2-4:30pm.  Contact Public Works at 801-763-3060 to schedule an appointment.

If your project is ready, the next step is with the Technical Review Committee.  If your project is not ready to move forward, you will be given suggestions, and you may reschedule for another Site Plan Review Meeting. 

Step 2: Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) is a group of City employees from Engineering, Fire, Planning, and Zoning divisions who identify and discuss any problems or issues in the early stages of a project. Following the Site Plan Review Meeting, you will be given a Submittal Form listing the items you need to prepare for Technical Review Committee (see Planning Department Application Forms). Check our fee schedule for application fees. Submit ALL the required documents and fees to the Public Works office at 275 East 200 North.

Upon receipt of your submittal, you will be given an opportunity to meet with the TRC.  At your appointment you will be given a Summary of Findings, which provides guidance on whether to resubmit to TRC or prepare and submit for Planning Commission. 

Step 3: Planning Commission

Following TRC, make any corrections to your documentation.  Planning Commissions submissions are due on Mondays at 10am on the date specified on your Summary of Findings.  Staff will review your corrections and schedule you for the next available Planning Commission meeting. 

The Planning Commission consists of seven members, selected among the residents of the city, who make recommendations to the City Council or approve land use projects. 

Attend the Planning Commission Meeting, which is normally held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. The Planning Commission may request corrections to your project to return to another meeting, table for more deliberation, or make a recommendation to the City Council. 

Step 4: City Council

The City Council is the Land Use Authority of the City in all Legislative matters. Following a recommendation from the Planning Commission, the City Council gives final approval to projects.  The City Council may approve, table, or deny your project or request corrections to your project to return to another meeting.  

Step 5: Permitting Process and Recording

When your project is approved by the City Council, you are ready to begin the recording and permitting process.  Please contact the Development Review Engineer (801-763-3060), Chief Building Official (801-763-3065), and the Deputy City Recorder (801-763-3000) to complete your project.