Why volunteer?
Your contribution of time, energy, and talents helps create a library that makes a difference in our community!

What can you do? 

Friends of the American Fork Library Member, Ages 18+

Join the ultimate Library fan club! This is where you can help the Library make a positive, transformative difference in the lives of all patrons.

Required: Passionate about the Library and its important role as a community hub.

Time Commitment: 1-2  hours a month

Adopt-a-Shelf Assistant, Ages 16+

Satisfy your inner neat freak. Maintain order in an assigned area. Check spine labels and re-shelve books found out of order. Shift books as necessary.

Required: Organizational skills, familiarity with alpha/numeric order.

Time Commitment: 2 hours a month

Children's Library Volunteer, Ages 14+

Looking for a unique volunteer opportunity? Volunteer in our Children's Library! Help with a variety of projects such as storytime prep, keeping the library neat and organized, and much more.

Required: Must be at least 14 years old

Time commitment: at least 1 hour per week


Please note that we are unable to accommodate court appointed community service volunteers at this time. You may contact United Way for assistance in finding those opportunities: 801-374-2588.

How do you start?
Fill out the Volunteer Application here.