What Happens When Nuisance is Reported?

Someone from AFPD will attempt to inspect the reported nuisance. If it is a legitimate nuisance under the law, the first step will be to secure voluntary compliance in removing the nuisance. A fix-it ticket may be issued, but there is no fine or other penalty at this stage, if the owner or tenant handles the situation in a timely and reasonable manner.

If a responsible party refuses to comply, he or she can be charged with a misdemeanor and summoned to appear in court.

The City makes every effort to abate nuisances voluntarily without legal action, and may turn to the Neighborhood Preservation Committee or other community resources for help. In fact, American Fork handles these matters – quite intentionally – with a lighter touch than most or all other Utah cities which have nuisance ordinances. Nearly all nuisances are resolved without fines or court action.

However, uncooperative, persistent, or repeat offenders may immediately be charged with a misdemeanor and issued a court summons.

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