What comes with the permit?
Once the permit is paid for a building permit number is assigned. This is the number by which we identify your project. You will need to memorize this number and provide it when scheduling inspections. Additionally you may need to provide it to any subcontractors who will be responsible for scheduling inspections. As this number is used in tracking all information pertaining to your project, all inquiries should reference this number as well.

You will be given a copy of the approved plans that have any additions or corrections made by the plan reviewer. You must have these plans (not a copy of them) on the job site for all inspections. A bright yellow inspection card will also be issued to you with your approved plan. This will need to be signed by each subcontractor performing work, as well as the City Building Inspector, stating that an inspection has passed.Do not lose this card. You will be required to submit the completed inspection card to the Building Department in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the building.

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