What benefits does the City offer?
American Fork City strives to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce.

I. Retirement: American Fork City pays 17.95 percent of gross pay into a retirement plan for each employee (19.95 percent for Police Officers). American Fork City participates in the Utah State Retirement System. Employees may choose to participate in a 401(k).

II. Health Insurance: All full-time employees are offered Select Med Health Insurance. The City pays a majority of the premium.

III. Dental Insurance: All full-time employees are offered Metlife Dental Insurance. The City pays the employee’s coverage and the employee can elect to pay for family coverage.

IV. The City offers basic life insurance and allows purchase of supplemental life insurance.

V. Paid vacation is offered depending on job and hours worked.

VI. Eligible full-time employees are offered 12 paid holidays.

VII. Eligible employees are offered paid Sick Leave, Sick Leave Buy Back and Long-Term Disability Insurance:

VIII. The City offers a Cafeteria Plan based on job position and hours worked.

Other Benefits include: Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty Leave, Military Leave, etc.

For a more detailed list or description of the American Fork City Employee Benefit Package, please contact the Human Resources office at (801) 763-3000.

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