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Community Forms

  1. Fiber Champion Sign Up

    We are looking for residents who want to help champion the process of bringing fiber internet to American Fork City.


  1. Contact Form
  1. Service Excellence Nomination Form

    Please provide specific, detailed examples to support your nomination. The information you provide will be used by the Employee... More…


  1. Volunteer Application
  1. Winter Storytime Registration

    Patron registration for storytime


  1. AFPD Community Feedback Survey
  2. American Fork Police Department Satisfaction Survey
  3. Email Us
  4. Report a Lost Pet or Animal

    If you submit a description and photo of your lost pet/animal via this form, our Animal Control Officer will know who to contact in the... More…

  5. Report Additional Stolen Property

    If you have already reported a theft to the Department, but have additional stolen property you wish to add to the original report, you... More…

  6. Report Identity Theft

    You may use this form to report identity theft if you have no suspect information or evidence that may lead to the apprehension of the... More…

  7. Report Online Fraud or Fraudulent Email Solicitations

    You may use this form to report online fraud or fraudulent email solicitations is there is no suspect information and if the financial... More…

  8. Report Vandalism or Graffiti

    You may use this form to report vandalism or graffiti causing $1,000 or less in property damage where there is no suspect information... More…

  9. Sex Offender Registration Appointment

    Sex Offender Registration Appointment

  1. American Fork Police Department Police Complaint Form
  2. City Ordinance Violation Report
  3. Extra Patrol Request
  4. Report a Vehicle Burglary

    You may use this form to report a vehicle burglary if you have no suspect information or useful evidence. If you have suspect... More…

  5. Report Annoying/Harassing Telephone Calls

    You may use this form to report annoying/harrassing telephone calls with no suspect information. If you have suspect information, call... More…

  6. Report Lost Property
  7. Report Stolen Property

    This form may be used to report stolen property when the stolen items do NOT include firearms or materials that threaten the public... More…

  8. Request for Talk or Demonstration
  9. Tip-A-Cop Form