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American Fork Police Department Police Complaint Form

  1. If this is an emergency or a crime in progress, do not use this form; instead call 911 immediately.
  2. I Certify the Following: *
  3. Please state your concern, including names, times, locations, witnesses, and any other information or details that would be helpful in the investigation of the event.
  4. It is against the law to make a complaint that you know to be false. You are notified that statements you make in this document may be presented to a magistrate or a judge in lieu of your sworn testimony at a preliminary examination. Any false statement you make and that you do not believe to be true may subject you to criminal punishment as a class A misdemeanor.
  5. Electronic Signature*
  6. Within 3 business days of submitting this form, you should receive a confirmation of receipt via email.
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