Kara Kaufman

Personal Trainers
Title: Personal Trainer
Kara Kauffman2

:“I am a BYU graduate with a B.S. degree in Public Health: Health Promotion (Professional Health Coach). As a mom of 5, I recognize health & fitness as a type of “therapy” that I love sharing with others!! I am an ACE certified instructor and have taught several different formats, ages, and capabilities! I love them all!!

 Along with being a Public Health Pro and Certified Instructor, I am also certified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I love helping others discover ways to have a healthier & happier life through simple lifestyle changes!
  Last but not least I am on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube (@thehomebodyfitness), and Facebook (The Home Body) to help people discover doable, daily changes to become healthier in order to have a better quality of life!”


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