Ginny Brown

Personal Trainers
Title: Personal Trainer
Phone: (801) 602-4283
Ginny Brown

Hi! I’m Ginny.  I just started my 14th year as a personal trainer after being certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Along with personal training, I have experience instructing small group circuit training workouts/programs.  I have enjoyed working as a large group instructor for multiple boot camps. I have also had the opportunity to run several marathons across the US, including the Boston marathon.  And I love it all! I am passionate about teaching and helping others get the most out of their workouts. I get so much satisfaction out of helping people get stronger physically and mentally through exercise.  Most of all, I love helping others build confidence and feel better about themselves.     

Together we’ll have painfully fun workouts and get you reaching your goals. It

won’t hurt too much; I promise ;) 


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