Water Schedule

Weekday Home Address Time
Sun, Tue, Thu Even 1am - 11pm
Mon, Wed, Fri Odd 1am- 11pm
Sat All (for spot watering only) 1am - 11pm

Please note that the permitted window of time to water (1am-11pm) does not mean you are allowed to water the entire time during your window. We ask that, when possible, homeowners water the minimal amount needed on their approved day and avoid watering during less effective times, such as when it's windy or during the hottest part of the day. See the weekly water guide for recommended lawn watering frequency.

Contact Utility Billing for billing questions or to pay bill; 801-763-3000, utilities@americanfork.gov, utilities webpage

Pressurized Irrigation

American Fork has a pressurized irrigation system specifically designed for outdoor watering uses such as landscape and lawns. This is non-potable water and should never be used for drinking.  The City has a watering schedule for all businesses and residents below.

Large water users such as parks, schools, churches and large commercial developments are instructed to water during the day. This happens for two reasons: issues with water pressure and number of stations. Large users impact the water pressure so much that they are asked to run opposite of what residents run so as not to impact resident water pressure. Additionally, they have more industrial sprinkler heads that mist less than residential heads, thus reducing evaporation of the two groups. Lastly, even though we try to avoid the hottest part of the day where possible, some spaces are so big they require a lot of stations that take time to run through, causing some sprinklers to go off in the middle of the day. It’s a balance between trying to make sure residents get the water they need, the parks still get watered, and we avoid water loss from both groups. 

NOTE: As flows change, watering times and schedules may change and additional restrictions my be imposed. Watch your utility bills for information.

Water Conservation

Everyone can do their part to save our water resource by keeping their water usage to a minimum. Tips to conserve water can be found at our Water Conservation page. You can start right now to conserve water with the following ideas:

  • fix sprinkler leaks
  • do not water when it is windy
  • implement water-wise landscaping
  • don't over-water
  • adjust your mower to a longer grass height
  • spot water on dry areas

Utility Information

  • Pressurized irrigation water is available to all residents.
  • The system is available from about mid-April to mid-October. Due to continuing drought conditions in 2022, we are asking residents to please reduce watering times by 30%, or just two days a week.
  • The service is billed year-round to avoid spikes in summertime water bills. Visit the utilities page for more information about the flat rate structure in place on your bill.
  • If a property is not already connected to the irrigation water system, there is a $250 connection fee.
  • The city is installing pressurized irrigation water meters on all connections. The project has been underway since 2019 on all new connections. In 2022, existing connections will begin to be fitted with a water meter. Read more about the project at our Pressurized Irrigation Water Meter project page.

Best Practices

  • When first connecting to the system, slowly open up the valve in the service box to introduce the water into your sprinkler system. Make sure your filter is clean and connected. Leave a hose connected when turning on to release trapped air.
  • When the system shuts down in mid-October, run sprinklers once to ensure the system is cleared out. Turn off sprinklers and hoses and close the valve in your service box. Check and clean filter if needed.

Water Reservoirs

Water from the pressurized irrigation reservoirs, which feed the pressurized irrigation or secondary water system, is a blend of surface water from a variety of sources. It is screened but not treated in any way and as such is not suitable as drinking water. Residents should take the same precautions with this water as they would with any irrigation water that may contain bacteria regularly found in rivers and streams. Do not allow children to play in the water. In most cases, the hose bib attached to a resident’s home is connected to the culinary system of the home. It is recommended that “kiddie pools” be filled utilizing culinary water.

Filtering Water

Pressurized irrigation water will be filtered to 300 microns and homeowners are encouraged to check their individual irrigation systems and filter the water as recommended by their individual system. A 500 micron filter is recommended for the protection of sprinkler heads.

New Filter Station for Upper Reservoir Proposed

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